Brisbane’s "International Contemporary Dance Prix" (BICD Prix) is one of the few events in the world offering a professional networking experience, workshops, support and opportunities to dancers who excel in the contemporary style of dance. It is a first in offering gifted young professionals a platform to present their skills before the eyes of leading contemporary dance professionals and Artistic Directors in order to vie for the opportunity to further their careers through not only networking with leading artists in the dance community but also through a generous cash prizes equal to that of other classical opportunities.
BICDP’s mission is to reveal and unearth the potential of exceptional young dancers who are skilled and suited for a career in contemporary dance aged 15 to 22. To educate, open the doors and connect to the best training opportunities or company experiences by supporting training fees, travel expenses or wages to further students training options or assist them to connect into professional dance companies. Scholarships for both male and female in junior and senior sections are available.  BICD Prix’s goal is to uncover and support a dance artist whose natural movement talent shines from within whilst possessing the necessary skills to succeed in a professional company environment.
Founder, Louise Deleur has been inspired to create this program through her constant discovery of incredibly talented dancers who excel in movement and artistic qualities often desired by today’s contemporary choreographers. Presently these dancers have very few pathways or opportunities that lead or connect into the professional contemporary dance world. The BICD Prix event is an opportunity to connect dancers with Artistic Directors, educate the community in the style and values of contemporary dance and bring the contemporary dance scene, both Australian and International, together.





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