Due to the current health challenge and restrictions on travel and gatherings we have cancelled our 2020 event. All of our companies and schools support this decision and are keen to join us again in 2021.

2021 Dates will be announced soon

The Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix (BICD Prix) is committed to bringing together the professional contemporary dance network and allow young pre-professional dancers to experience interaction with company professionals with the potential to develop a pathway into either a leading training institution or professional experience with a company.
  • Provide performance , classes and creative development opportunities for young pre- professionals in front of company directors.

  • Provide classes and workshops in a variety of contemporary styles. Technique, improvisation, repertoire and creative development in order for dancers to experience the professional world of contemporary dance and develop their own skills.

  • Provide an opportunity for company and training directors to view potential new dancers over an extended period in a creative and performance environment.

  • Develop the dance communities understanding of what is required in today’s professional contemporary dance companies.

  • Provide workshops and performance opportunities for both group and solo artists.

  • To have workshops run by leading industry professionals.

  • Foster a professional and inspiring environment.
  • To reveal and unearth the potential of exceptional young dancers who are skilled and suited for a career in contemporary dance.

  • Open the doors to the best training opportunities or company experiences by funding training fees or wages.

  • To bring the contemporary dance scene together over a weeklong event.

  • Educate and develop the dance communities understanding of contemporary dance.

  • Provide an environment that represents the professional ethics of the contemporary dance world by engaging professional artists and company directors who are inspirational leaders in their field.