Due to the current health challenge and restrictions on travel and gatherings we have cancelled our 2020 event. All of our companies and schools support this decision and are keen to join us again in 2021.

2021 Dates will be announced soon

The Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix’s major financial support is through in-kind partnerships and private donors.

The objective of the Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix is to help young talented dancers who excel in contemporary movement to find pathways into professional careers. The winners of the contest receive scholarships that support them to further their training or assist them to connect into professional dance companies.

Even a modest contribution makes the difference!
Openning Soon
If you would like to become a sponsor, we will be pleased to hear from you to discuss the type of support you would like to bring to Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix.
Here is where you can help

Scholarship  Sponsor                                                                      $5,000 - $10,000
Finals Event Sponsor                                                                       $20,000
Sponsor a choreographer                                                               $5,000
Sponsor a reception                                                                         $5000
Offical accomodation provider 
Official airline partner

To get in contact with us, please use the following email address provided here: