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Brisbane’s "International Contemporary Dance Prix" (BICD Prix) is one of the few events in the world offering a professional networking experience, workshops, support and opportunities to dancers who excel in the contemporary style of dance. It is a first in offering gifted young dancers a platform to present their skills before the eyes of leading contemporary directors and choreographers for the opportunity to further their careers. 

Founder, Louise Deleur has been inspired to create this program through her constant discovery of incredibly talented dancers who excel in movement and artistic qualities often desired by today’s contemporary choreographers. Presently these dancers have very few pathways or opportunities that lead or connect into the professional contemporary dance world. The BICD Prix is an opportunity to connect young dancers with leading directors and choreographers in contemporary dance in a weeklong immersion program.

Our partner schools and companies from Hong Kong, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, UK and Australia providing pathways for young dancers to a professional career in contemporary dance. I am overwhelmed with the support I have received to launch this ambitious initiative. 

Our mission is to
bring the contemporary dance world together .
Louise Deleur
  1. Managing Director

BICD Prix has become recognised for unearthing the potential of exceptional young dancers who are skilled and suited for a career in contemporary dance

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BICD Prix will open the door for you to experience  the best training opportunities while being exposed to premier dance companies from across the world

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