Due to the current health challenge and restrictions on travel and gatherings we have cancelled our 2020 event. All of our companies and schools support this decision and are keen to join us again in 2021.

2021 Dates will be announced soon

BICD Prix is open to dance students of all nationalities, 15-22 years old. There are two age categories.
Junior: 15 years – 17 years as of September 30th 2019 or Year 11 high school in 2020
​Senior: 17 years if in Year 12 high school or 18 - 22 years as of September 30th 2020. Students who are at a level to enter into tertiary education in 2021 will be placed into the senior section.
Professional dancers are not permitted to compete. A professional dancer is defined as anyone who is employed as a full-time dancer (paid apprentices included) with a professional dance company on a contract that engages the dancer at least 26 weeks per year. This includes dancers who are not currently employed under such a contract, but have been in the past.  Professional dancers also includes dancers with agreed contracts of paid engagement including contracts post the registration date.
​Any deception related to this rule will result in expulsion from the event, and the cancellation and required reimbursement of any prize that may have been awarded. In addition to this, BICD Prix may communicate publicly the cancellation of the prize that may have been awarded to the candidate. The candidate shall not be authorized to boast his/her participation in the contest without mentioning his/her expulsion.
Only the founder of BICD Prix has the right to any departure from the rules of the event.

Applications open May 17th 2020 and close June 30th 2020.
To complete your application the Applicant (or parent/guardian if under 18 years),  must read and accept these Terms and Conditions  
The application registration fee is non-refundable.
 Applicants must apply through the submission of a video link and application form plus an AU$50 application fee payable before the closing date.
Applications are to include one head shot and two body shots in tight clothing in your photo selection (full body and dance shot). Please make sure head shot is a clean natural shot that represents your look in the studio. It will be used in the program for successful candidates.
A short video of approximately 5 minutes duration is to be submitted in either Vimeo or YouTube format. Please include any passwords required. Material should include one to two ballet exercises that show line, placement, extensions, jump and pirouettes. In addition, please include a contemporary exercise or sequence that includes floor work and demonstrates coordination and flow of movement.
Professional filming is not essential. Video footage from a phone is acceptable as long as it is clear and stable.
Any additional material that you believe will support your application may also be included.
By submitting an application, you agree that all details you provide to us are correct.
We reserve the right not to process incomplete applications.
You are advised not to book travel unless you have received written confirmation of acceptance.                                                                                                       
The selection panel’s decision on the choice of candidates, drawn from the video applications, is final and irrevocable. No correspondence will be entered into.
Successful applicants will be notified by July 15th and must confirm acceptance by Sunday August 9th 2020. Confirmation is through payment of AU$600 for weeklong workshop and submission of acceptance forms. These links will be available through the website. 

Should a candidate not meet the above-mentioned payment deadline, their right to participate will be forfeited and given to a successful applicant on the waiting list.
Successful applicants must select a variation from the Repertoire Link (available from July) and pre learn a solo that will then be coached in front of the panel throughout the week and performed in the theatre on Thursday along with repertoire learnt throughout the week. Finalists will then perform both solos again on the Friday along with an improvisation task. Candidates must be aware that coaches may change details of solos and are expected to work with coaches towards the final product. 

Participants agree they are fit and well enough to take part and take full responsibility for their personal well-being, with no pre-existing injury or health condition which may impede full participation in the event.
Candidates acknowledge that the Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix will be physical and may involve risk of injury or accident and although every care will be taken to ensure the use of safe dance practices in a safe environment. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness or theft sustained by the participants during the event. The Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix will accept no responsibility for any candidate presenting themselves at the BICD Prix with a handicap or injury that prevents them from participating in the event.
Participants will advise Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix in advance if an injury or health condition is incurred after submission of this registration, which may impede full participation in the event.      
Travel to/from Brisbane and related living expenses in Brisbane are the responsibility of the candidate.
Final schedule will be provided to participants on the first day of the BICDP at the latest.
BICD Prix is dedicated to sharing this wonderful educational opportunity however due to limited space in studios we are unable to offer viewing to parents. Parents and friends are highly encouraged to attend the performances and tickets will be available through the website.
Passes will be made available for teachers through the Teacher Professional Development program.
No parents or teachers will be allowed backstage at the theatre throughout the event.

​We reserve the right to amend the faculty roster in the event of illness or any other unavoidable cause.
No coaching by private teachers is allowed on site at either studios or theatres.

BICD Prix reserves the right to make photo and/or video recordings at any time during any part of the event. This includes, but is not limited to, the recordings of master classes, participants’ rehearsals or performances during the event, or any activities in the venue lobby or backstage. By participating in BICD Prix, participants and their parents and/or legal guardians give their express permission for BICD Prix to make any photo/video recordings at any time. Also, by participating in BICD Prix, participants and their parents or legal guardians give BICD Prix their express permission to use any such photo/video recordings (including those containing their name or likeness) for BICD Prix's promotional purposes (including any uses in print, online, or in social media).
By participating in the BICD Prix, the participant consents to be photographed or sound recorded and to the commercial usage of such film or recording without any right to payment. 
We reserve the right for third parties to carry out general filming, photography and sound recording in or around the buildings. 
Filming and photography are only allowed by film makers and photographers officially accredited by the BICD Prix. Cameras, mobile phones or other filming devices will be confiscated if being used inappropriately.                                                                                                                                                
The application registration fee of AU$50 is non- refundable.
Refunds of participation fees are issued only in the event of an injury, with a deduction of a 20% processing fee. In the event of an injury, BICD Prix should be notified immediately, no later than one week prior to the event date by the participant, parent, or a teacher via email, sent to admin@bicdprix.com. No refunds are available after September 22nd. Refunds will be based on the date of receipt of the withdrawal notification email. The BICD Prix takes no responsibility for non-receipt of emails. All refund requests must be accompanied by an official note from a physician, including ink signature, doctor’s stamp and office letterhead.

​The event jury's decisions on the selection and the finals as well as the distribution of scholarships are final and irrevocable. If a jury member is associated with a school or has worked closely with a candidate, he/she does not have the right to vote for candidates coming from his/her school or the candidates with whom they have worked.
The jury has the right to award or not to award the scholarships according to the results of the panellists. The jury, in consultation with the founder has the right to adapt the number of scholarships for each category if needed. If other awards become available then the BICD Prix Founder and jury would award them as it sees fit.
Candidates must outline in their final application how they would like to potentially use their scholarship. BICDP understands that these initial intentions are readily open for negotiation. Scholarships can only be used for fees, travel and expenses that directly assist the development of the candidate’s career. Receipts and invoices must be presented to BICDP for payment approval and may only be used for fees and expenses at approved partner schools and companies.                                                                                                            
Due to strict university enrolment rules, scholarships and acceptance into these institutions cannot be guaranteed. BICDP will fund travel expenses to these institutions for secondments and audition purposes as well as paying what funds are left towards fees. It is encouraged that candidates research their preferred training institutions including application and audition requirements and deadlines when putting forward a plan on how they would like to use their winnings.                                                                                                                                  
In regards to apprenticeships, these prizes are reserved for senior candidates. They can consist of a secondment/placement with a partner company. An apprenticeship is totally at the discretion of the company director. Funds from candidate’s winning will either go directly to the company or be processed through the BICDP and will be used to support the candidate’s wage.  An apprenticeship with a Partner Company may be subject to local immigration/union and employment laws.                                                                                                       
Scholarship winners and recipients of offers should respectfully acknowledge BICD Prix in their biographies, resumes and in mainstream and social media.

BICD Prix cannot be held responsible for any personal property. 

·         Participants are responsible for insuring themselves against accidents, illness and theft.                                 


For the application, please have prepared 3 photos of yourself (headshot, full body, and dance shot) as well as a short video no longer than 5 mins in either Vimeo or YouTube format. Please include any passwords required. Head shots are to represent your look in the studio and will be used as program shots for successful candidates. 

Material should include one to two ballet exercises that show line, placement, extensions, jump and pirouettes. In addition, please also include a contemporary exercise or sequence that includes floor work and demonstrates coordination and flow of movement.

Please also include any additional material that you believe will support your application.